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When crafting buildings and structures that stand the test of time, masonry holds the key. With its intricate attention to detail, this ancient form of construction transforms brick, stone, and concrete into awe-inspiring structures. At Virginia Masonry Contractor, we channel centuries of craftsmanship into every masonry job, leaving an enduring legacy of quality and beauty in Virginia.

Virginia Masonry Contractor kings masons images 155 300x200Our team of skilled Virginia masonry contractors is dedicated to upholding the time-honored traditions of this ancient craft while embracing modern techniques and materials. Whether it’s a residential project, commercial building, or historical restoration, our commitment to excellence ensures that each structure we create exudes elegance and durability.

With a deep appreciation for the artistry and precision of masonry, we take pride in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary works of art. From stunning fireplaces and sturdy retaining walls to intricate brickwork and captivating stone facades, our masonry expertise brings forth structures that are a testament to our passion and dedication.

At Virginia Masonry Contractor, we understand that your masonry project is not just about constructing a building; it’s about creating a masterpiece that will withstand the elements and captivate future generations. Let us infuse your property with masonry craftsmanship’s timeless beauty and strength. Schedule your FREE consultation today at (571) 556-9671 and let us bring your vision to life.

Discover how our team can enhance your outdoor living space with our top-notch Virginia bricklaying, stone masonry, and concrete construction services. Call Virginia Masonry Contractor at (571) 556-9671 now, and let’s get started!

Love Your Outdoor Spaces

Virginia Masonry Contractor kings masons 10 300x200Since 1980 Virginia Masonry Contractor has been working with homeowners and commercial property owners to create beautiful and functional Outdoor spaces. With over 40 years of experience, Virginia Masonry Contractor has provided outstanding exterior landscapes and stunning interior masonry features for our Northern Virginia and more excellent Washington DC area customers. We are excited to bring our expertise to your project!

Bricklaying Services

Whether envisioning an elegant brick patio or a robust brick wall, achieving the perfect finish requires expert bricklaying services. Our experienced masons masterfully arrange each brick, maintaining meticulous precision that ensures a stable and attractive finish. Let Virginia Masonry Contractor, your trusted masonry company, turn your brick visions into stunning realities.

Stone Masonry

The timeless elegance of stone lends a distinct character to any structure. Our stone masonry experts deftly shape and assemble. Each piece produces an exquisite blend of strength and beauty. Whether it’s a stone veneer installation or an entire stone building, we bring the same level of passion and craftsmanship to every masonry job.

Paver Installations

Virginia Masonry Contractor king masons image 02 300x200Beyond brick and stone structures, we at Virginia Masonry Contractor specialize in paver installations. From creating captivating walkways to stunning patios, our masons meticulously install each paver, achieving a harmonious blend of function and aesthetics. We can help you transform your outdoor space into a picturesque landscape using various materials and designs. Whether it’s a cozy backyard patio or a grand entrance pathway, we have the skill and vision to bring your dream paver project to life.

Patio Construction

Another of our masonry specialties at Virginia Masonry Contractor is patio construction. We understand the value of a well-designed patio in enhancing your outdoor living space and adding to your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. Our masons work with you to understand your vision, design preferences, and functional needs before turning these ideas into reality. With various materials, including bricks, stones, and pavers, we construct patios that serve as the perfect backdrop for family gatherings, quiet afternoons, or outdoor entertainment. Let us build a deck you’ll love and enjoy for years.

Driveways and Walkways

Virginia Masonry Contractor kings masons 04 300x193Driveways and walkways are more than just paths connecting different points in your property – they are significant components of your home’s visual statement. At Virginia Masonry Contractor, we specialize in designing and installing driveways and walkways that enhance curb appeal and improve accessibility around your home. Whether a cobblestone walkway winding through your garden or a durable brick driveway accommodating the heaviest vehicles, we ensure every project reflects our commitment to quality, aesthetics, and functionality. You can invest in masonry services that meet your needs and stand the test of time with Virginia Masonry Contractor.


Steps are essential to our homes and properties, serving functional and aesthetic purposes. They guide us to our doors, lead us through our gardens, and can be a statement piece in our landscapes. At Virginia Masonry Contractor, we understand their critical role and offer expert masonry services to create beautiful, safe steps. Our team can design and build steps from various materials, including brick, stone, and concrete, to match your property’s aesthetic. We meticulously install each step, ensuring durability and precision while prioritizing safety. Choose Virginia Masonry Contractor for actions that blend seamlessly into your surroundings while adding charm and value to your property.

Custom Water Features and Fountains: Creating Serene Escapes

Water features and fountains add a unique touch of serenity and elegance to any space, becoming the focal point that captures everyone’s attention. Virginia Masonry Contractor specializes in crafting customized water features and fountains that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area and create a tranquil ambiance. Whether it’s a peaceful koi pond for your garden, an extravagant fountain gracing your entryway, or a contemporary waterfall wall for your patio, our masons use their artistry and expertise to bring your vision to life. Turn your outdoor space into a soothing retreat with our custom water features and fountains. Contact Virginia Masonry Contractor to discuss how we can help you create your oasis.

General Construction Contractor

Virginia Masonry Contractor king masons image 03 300x200Like any other building material, masonry also requires maintenance and occasional repair. Our masonry repair specialists are trained to identify and address structural issues, from minor cracks to significant damage. With Virginia Masonry Contractor at your side, you can rest assured that your masonry structures will stand firm and beautiful for years.

Concrete Construction Contractor

Concrete is the backbone of many modern structures. As a top-rated concrete construction contractor, we at Virginia Masonry Contractor provide sturdy, well-crafted concrete foundations and systems to support and enhance your projects. Our commitment to excellence makes us the go-to masonry construction company in Virginia.

With decades of experience in the industry, our team of skilled professionals ensures that each concrete project we undertake is built to withstand the test of time. From pouring concrete foundations for residential homes to constructing robust concrete structures for commercial buildings, our expertise extends across many projects.

At Virginia Masonry Contractor, we understand that the foundation is the bedrock of any successful construction venture. That’s why we take pride in delivering top-quality concrete work that lays the groundwork for your visions to become reality. When you choose us as your concrete construction contractor, you choose a partner dedicated to providing reliable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing results that exceed your expectations.

Masonry Restoration Professionals

Historic buildings witness our shared past and require a delicate touch regarding maintenance and Restoration. Our masonryVirginia Masonry Contractor king masons image 04 300x207 restoration professionals bring years of experience and deep respect for heritage structures, ensuring that your building’s historical charm is preserved while enhancing its longevity.

At Virginia Masonry Contractor, we understand the significance of historic buildings as living links to our shared past. Our expert masonry restoration professionals possess a wealth of experience and a profound reverence for these heritage structures. With our meticulous approach to restoration, we aim to not only preserve your building’s historical charm but also ensure it stands strong for generations to come.

Your Trusted Masonry Installation Company

Our range of services continues beyond brick and stone. We’re a comprehensive masonry installation company, providing tuckpointing and repointing services, chimney repair and rebuilding, and brick patio and walkway building. At Virginia Masonry Contractor, every masonry job we undertake is a testament to our masonry craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

At Virginia Masonry Contractor, we believe in building more than just structures; we build lasting relationships. With our masonry works, weVirginia Masonry Contractor virginia masonry logo main result Aspire to shape your visions into tangible realities that stand the test of time. Ready to embark on a transformative masonry project?

Could you contact Virginia Masonry Contractor today to schedule a free consultation call? Let’s together build a future that is as enduring as beautiful!


Ready to transform your property with expert masonry craftsmanship? Look no further! Call Virginia Masonry Contractor today at (571) 556-9671 to schedule your FREE consultation with our skilled masonry contractors.